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NewAgeReefs Forums

General announcements and news from NewAgeReefs.com
We encourage new members to post a short introduction of themselves in this forum category. Get to know each other and share you common interests.
129 Topics 1118 Replies
Last Post: I'm new!!!
by jeffro
1 week 4 days ago
Have some feedback and input to share?
Don't be shy and drop us a note. We want to hear from you and strive to make our site better and more user friendly for our guests and members a like.
31 Topics 296 Replies
by ajdavis4022
1 day 21 hours ago
General announcements regarding the site/forum
135 Topics 942 Replies
by Boggers-Mike
2 weeks 4 days ago
A legacy category of deeper hobby discussion.
152 Topics 807 Replies
by wolfie2012
1 year 1 month ago
Check out all the photos picked to be Photo of the Week and vote for the monthly winner!
195 Topics 507 Replies
Last Post: Scavenger Hunt?
by Twizzler
2 weeks 15 hours ago
Discussion for hobbyist responsibility, sustainability, and conservation.
16 Topics 89 Replies
by Zoomer/Phil
1 year 5 days ago

General Interest Forums

Forums for general reef related discussions
A place for noobie questions and discussions, we were all here at some point
80 Topics 861 Replies
Last Post: Fish room
by jeffro
1 week 5 hours ago
General reef related discussions
424 Topics 2644 Replies
Last Post: Irritated
by Andy Roker
1 week 3 days ago
General discussions regarding the chemistry surrounding reef tanks
73 Topics 525 Replies
Last Post: Carbon Dosing
by adampottebaum
3 months 1 week ago
A place to discuss those DIY projects
98 Topics 730 Replies
by jdiefenbaugh
4 months 1 week ago
Discussions about all the equipment we use to keep reef tanks
413 Topics 3022 Replies
by saltyfish
1 week 10 hours ago
Document & show people your tank and your tank build!
180 Topics 5133 Replies
Last Post: Overdue Tank Build
by Twizzler
1 day 12 hours ago
Questions and helpful hints about moving your tank
12 Topics 121 Replies
Last Post: Plumbing Help?
by Boggers-Mike
8 months 3 weeks ago

Marine Fish Forums

General discussions about the fish on the reef
Discussions about the "reef safe" type fish
171 Topics 1088 Replies
by Twizzler
1 month 2 weeks ago
A place to discuss the "non reef safe fish" and fish only tanks
23 Topics 186 Replies
Last Post: Lionfish ID
by Andy Roker
3 months 1 week ago
Discussions concerning seahorses and pipefish
4 Topics 18 Replies
by jdiefenbaugh
1 year 6 months ago
Discussion about fish diseases and how to treat them
35 Topics 235 Replies
by wolfie2012
7 months 13 hours ago
33 Topics 497 Replies
Last Post: clowns
by Andy Roker
1 month 11 hours ago

Coral Forums

General discussions about the corals found on the reef
Discussions for those small polyp stony (SPS) corals
43 Topics 312 Replies
by Twizzler
3 weeks 5 days ago
Discussion for the large polyp stony (LPS) corals
45 Topics 285 Replies
by Andy Roker
1 month 1 week ago
A place to discuss all those different zoanthids
24 Topics 489 Replies
by links0713
3 weeks 13 hours ago
A place to discuss the soft corals
25 Topics 148 Replies
by wolfie2012
1 month 2 weeks ago
A place to discuss non-photosynthetic corals
7 Topics 61 Replies
Last Post: NPS Keepers?
by Boggers-Mike
1 year 3 months ago
A place to discuss coral fragging and aquaculture
26 Topics 143 Replies
by cbort
3 weeks 12 hours ago
34 Topics 335 Replies
by reefer_madness
5 days 14 hours ago


General discussions about the inverts found on the reef
A place to discuss all those cephalopods
12 Topics 42 Replies
Last Post: Metasepia pics
by wolfie2012
2 years 2 months ago
A place to discuss clams and other mollusks
15 Topics 104 Replies
Last Post: Derasa help
by wolfie2012
2 years 2 months ago
Discussions and questions about anemones
44 Topics 229 Replies
Last Post: My red bta
by Andy Roker
1 month 1 week ago
A place to discuss the different marine plants and macro algae
15 Topics 111 Replies
Last Post: Where to get pods?
by sde09001
8 months 2 weeks ago
A place to discuss all the different shrimps found on the reef
18 Topics 193 Replies
Last Post: shrimp vs no shrimp
by saltyfish
1 year 5 months ago
7 Topics 23 Replies
by Andy Roker
3 weeks 2 days ago

Special Interest Group Forums

General discussions for the special interest groups
A place for unique or advanced questions where speculation just won’t do
5 Topics 20 Replies
by Cvcoda
1 year 3 months ago
For those systems under 30g
26 Topics 570 Replies
by westohooligan
4 months 1 week ago
General discussions about photography
86 Topics 1184 Replies
by Twizzler
1 week 4 days ago
General discussions about SCUBA diving and snorkeling
12 Topics 45 Replies
Last Post: Belize diving
by Zoomer/Phil
10 months 1 week ago
Freshwater discussions and topics
27 Topics 169 Replies
by jdiefenbaugh
3 months 2 weeks ago

Sponsor Forums

Forums for NewAgeReefs Sponsors
Nebraska Aquatic Supply
4014 South 108th St. - Omaha, NE
350 Topics 929 Replies
by nebraskaaquatic
2 months 1 week ago
Fish Freaks
10711 Mockingbird Dr. - Omaha, NE
129 Topics 115 Replies
Last Post: Tomorrow's Order
by Fish Freaks
1 month 2 weeks ago
Rivers & Reefs
3303 N 109th Plaza - Omaha, NE
2 Topics 2 Replies
by RiversandReefs
2 weeks 6 days ago

Club Corner

This forum is for reef related clubs to post news and events.
General club related posts.
34 Topics 480 Replies
Last Post: Meeting
by Boggers-Mike
2 days 11 hours ago
Public information and discussion about the Midwest Marine Aquarium Society
8 Topics 69 Replies
Last Post: Meeting
by Boggers-Mike
2 weeks 2 days ago

Off Topic

For all the discussions not related to reef keeping
A place for all those non-reef related discussions
238 Topics 1274 Replies
Last Post: Crappy weekend
by Boggers-Mike
2 weeks 4 days ago

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